We’ve all fallen victim to an ugly house at some point in our lives. If your stomach has churned at the unsightly appearance of your stucco or the faded remains of your front door, you’re not alone. An exterior house painting job does much more than improve the look of your house; paint is a barrier that protects against the elements that attack the integrity of your house.

Living in Michigan, we experience some of the harshest winters in the country. Overtime, these factors fade and tarnish paint and result in discoloration, chipping, and chalking. If painting is put off too far it will result in stucco coming off your home, wood rot, excess cracking, and a host of many other paint failures. Its least expensive to paint your home before any major issues arise, typically before the 8 year mark (since your last paint job).

Exterior House Painting

–Stucco & Concrete

–Brick & Stone

–Wood, Composite & Vinyl Siding –Doors & Windows

–Fascia & Eaves

–Rain Gutters & Metal Flashing –Garage Doors & Entry Doors

–Wood & Vinyl Shutters –Architectural Woodwork

–Decks, Railings


Exterior Painting Services

Quality House Painters is just the prescription of your exterior house painting needs. Whether you need to touch up your exterior paint job or repaint your home an entirely new color, we are here to serve you. We use only the best paints and techniques, and pay careful attention to detail. We’ve developed one of the most thorough house painting processes, we fully prep and repair each surface to ensure the finish coat will properly adhere and we are painstaking in covering all unpainted areas.